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Video Saver
v1.0 October 2008


Video Saver is a unique application for your iPhone or iPod Touch which enables you to watch your favourite online videos without needing a network connection.

Video Saver allows you to take videos with you on the move and watch them on the train, plane or anywhere where your iPhone or iPod is offline.

Video Saver contains an easy to use video index, or allows any video to be searched. Once a video has been found, it can either be watched immediately or saved for later. Saved videos are then available at all times without needing to be online.

Video Saver makes it easy to avoid 'buffering' videos which stop and start repeatedly, and allows you to watch them once they have finished downloading.

Coming Soon
Waiting for iTunes AppStore review

Price: $4.99 / €3.99 / 2.99

Compatible with:

iPhone v2.0 or higher
iPod Touch