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Purchase Terra Force - 9210 Edition

Purchasing Terra Force opens up two new game zones and allows unlimited play!

Price : $10.00



Purchase MeltDown- 9210 Edition

Purchasing MeltDown opens the full 20 game zones!

Price : $12.00



Purchase DOOM 9210 Pro Launcher

Purchasing DOOM 9210 Pro Launcher opens 3 new game modes, allows play from any level, enables the memory maneger and enables sound if Terra Force or Meltdown are not installed!

Price : $10.00



Purchase ZX9200 GameBrowser

Browse a database of 5969 games, download over-the-air, play .zip files directly,

and automatically compress saved games!

Price : $10.00


Please click the links above to purchase products through a secure area. A link to an unlock key will be emailed to you immediately upon purchase.

Install the unlock key to the same Communicator drive as the demo product to immediately unlock the product.



Personal cheques, money orders or orders via phone / fax can also be accepted through the above links.

Our products can also be purchased from the online shop at


Please use the feedback form below if you have any problems purchasing products, installing the unlock key, or have an expired unlock key which you wish to renew


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