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ZXBoy :
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ZXBoy - Spectrum Emulator

v1.3.1 November 2004


Emulate the Sinclair Spectrum 48K / 128K on your phone!

Relive those 80's classics!


  • Plays all 48K and 128K Sinclair Spectrum games

  • Full joystick support - Kempston, Cursor, Sinclair 1 & 2

  • Full Virtual Keyboard support for entering text

  • Support for .sna, .z80 and .tap files

  • Save game at any point

  • Full redefinable key suport - map any key on your phone to any Spectrum key

  • Send game files via IR, Bluetooth or Email

  • Full 48K sound support (Registration required)

  • Integrated GameBrowser - download any game direct to your mobile over the air!

New in v1.1:

  • GameBrowser can now be tried without registering

  • Saved keys are automatically loaded when game is loaded

  • Shift and Symbol-Shift keys can now be mapped to phone keys

New in v1.2:

  • Full Nokia 6600 Compatibility

New in v1.3:

  • Improved GameBrowser server access

  • Improved emulation speed

  • 'Widescreen' view mode, for registered users

  • Now packaged with games from Vortex Software


Exolon New 'WideScreen' mode The Sentinel



StarQuake Sim City 'Virtual Keyboard'


ZXBoy - Instructions


After starting ZXBoy, the main title screen will be shown. This allows game files to be selected, played, deleted and sent. To play a game, select 'Play' from the Options menu, and you will automatically be prompted to choose an installed game.

Games can be installed either by using the integrated GameBrowser to install games directly to the phone, or the game files (.z80, .sna, .tap) can be sent to the phone from a PC via IR, Bluetooth or Email. The Nokia PC Suite for the Nokia 3650 can also be used to copy game directly to the '\ZXBoy' folder on the MMC card.

Once the emulator has started, the game will either automatically load (for .z80 & .sna files), or will wait for you to load the game manually (.tap files). To load from the emulated tape, select 'Load From Tape' from the Options menu.

Once a game has started, the emulated joystick can be changed by selecting 'Select Joystick' from the Options menu.

At any time, the Virtual Keyboard can be opened by pressing the Right Softkey. This will make the game screen smaller, and display a virtual keyboard at the bottom of the screen. Use the joystick to select a key, and press the joystick button inwards to select the key.

To configure a button on the phone to automatically press a specified key, hold down the 'ABC' or 'Pen' button on the phone, and press the key you wish to be remapped while the correct keyboard button is highlighted. e.g. If you wish the phone to press 'Enter' whenever the '6' key is pressed, open the Virtual Keyboard, highlight the 'Enter' key, and hold down ABC (or 'Pen') and press '6'. You will be prompted to confirm the key mapping.

To save the current key mappings, open the Options menu, select 'Keys' and select 'Save Keys'. Select 'Load Keys' to reload a saved key mapping, or select 'Reset Keys' to return the keyboard to it's initial state.

48K Sound support is included in the emulator, but it by default not enabled. Select 'Sound' in the Options menu, to toggle the sound support. If ZXBoy is not registered, sound support will be disabled after a few minutes. To continue to use sound support, please register ZXBoy.

The game can be saved at any poing by select 'Save game' from the Options menu. To reload a saved game, exit the emulator and restart with the saved game selected.

128K Sound is not currently supported. This will be added in a future version of ZXBoy.


ZXBoy - GameBrowser

ZXBoy comes with an integrated GameBrowser, which allows games to be download over-the-air directly to the phone. The GameBroswer comes complete with a database of thousands of Sinclair Spectrum games, with a complete search facility. The database is dividied into alphabetical sections, to allow games to be browsed easier. To speed up browsing through each section, use the '2' or '8' keys to scroll up or down the list by an entire page.

The trial version allows games from the 123, A, B & C directories to be downloaded. Once registered, any game in the database can be downloaded free of charge (except for Internet usage charges).

Please note that the GameBrowser connects to an external FTP site (ftp.worldofspectrum.org) to download games. The server is not owned or affiliated with WildPalm Ltd in any way, and we do not make any guarantees about the availability of the download service. WildPalm Ltd. does not take any responsibility for the content of the GameBrowser database, and does not make any guarantee that any item displayed in the database will be usable. All games are downloaded to your phone entirely at your own risk, and WildPalm Ltd. cannot take any responsibility for the content of any such games. Please see the World of Spectrum website for information on copyrights and distribution permissions for this service.

The latest version of GameBrowser now connects via HTTP for improved access via networks which block FTP connectios. If you still encounter problems connecting, please check that your network provider allows connections to standard HTTP servers, as not all networks permit this. In the event of problems, UK users can use the UK2.net access point.




Download Size :

Installation Space Required : 476K
Memory Required for Use : 1.2Mb
Installation File :




ZXBoy is made available completely free of charge.

However, certain features, such as full sound support, widescreen mode and GameBrowser downloads are only enabled once ZXBoy has been registered.

Register ZXBoy - Nokia Series 60 Edition


Price : €3.99