Play over 6000 retro games on your Communicator - with instant over-the-air download!


v1.1 June 2002

Emulate the Sinclair Spectrum 48K and 128K machines on your Communicator!

Replay those 80's classics!


  • Fast emulation of 48K and 128K Spectrum hardware

  • Runs snapshot (.sna and .z80 format) and tape (.tap format) files

  • Speed control to speed up or slow down the emulator

  • Kempston, Sinclair and Cursor joystick modes supported



New in v1.1:

  • Improved emulation speed

  • Games can now be saved in .Z80 format

  • Pause mode with ZX Keyboard layout screen

  • Joystick automatically detected from snapshot file

  • French keyboard support


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Games For Download


Lords Of Midnight





Please Note - Sound emulation is not yet available in this version.


How to Play

Spectrum image files in .sna, .z80 or .tap files can be played using ZX9200. Select Game Select from the Game menu, select an image file, then press PLAY to start the emulator with the file.

.sna or .z80 files are loaded directly into the emulated memory, and the emulator therefore starts up with the game already loaded.

.tap files are emulated tapes, and the emulator must be told when to start playing the emulated tape file. The emulator will start up without anything loaded. The tape can be started by typing LOAD "" into the emulator. This can be achieved by typing J, Chr-P, Chr-P.


Joystick modes can be switched by pressing the joystick button on the right of the screen.

The joystick is mapped to the arrow keys on the Communicator, fire by pressing Ctrl.



ZX9200 Game Browser

The add-on GameBrowser comes with a database of 5969 compatible games.

The database can be searched, and any game can be downloaded instantly over-the-air in under 3 minutes.

In addition, .zip files which have been downloaded over-the-air, or via PC Suite can be opened directly, and saved games are automatically compressed, to save space.

The GameBrowser requires an additional 85K storage space.


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