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v2.3.1 August 2004


File Compression Manager for the Nokia 7610 / 6600 / 3650 / 7650 / N-Gage!

Use ZipMan to open received compressed .Zip files, or to compress files before sending via Email for faster transfer


Now available in the following languages:

English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Slovene, Turkish, Norwegian, Finnish, Greek, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Czech, Russian, Maltese, Chinese (Simplified), Romanian, Hebrew




  • Open .Zip files from Inbox

  • Automatically open documents stored in .Zip files

  • Create new .Zip files to send via Email

  • Add photos and memos to new .Zip files

  • Files can be added from other applications on the phone via plugins

  • Send new or existing .Zip files via Ir, Bluetooth or Email

  • Send any file stored in the .Zip file via Ir, Bluetooth or Email

  • Full on-line help

  • Free trial

New in v1.2:

  • Full MMS support

  • Encryption support - Add a password to a zip file, or open zip files which are already encrypted

  • Ringtone support

New in v1.3:

  • Improved plugin support

New in v1.4:

  • Plugins now support MMC card on Nokia 3650

  • New translations available

New in v2.1:

  • New Archive Browser - store archives on your phone and use the archive browser to open when required

  • Improved Media Browser - select multiple images, sound or videos and add to archive in one step

  • New file type selector - Add message attachments, Java midlets, or any files from memory card

  • Support for additional archive types - seamlessly open .Rar, .Tar or .Gzip files from within ZipMan or from Inbox

  • Multiple language support - Select language from within application, and easily add new languages

  • Send application trial to a friend via Bluetooth

  • Easily purchase via SMS from within application - 30 days trial or unlimited time!

New in v2.2:

  • Added folder support to media browser

  • Localized language selector

New in v2.3:

  • Extract files from archives directly to Memory Card

  • Now fully compatible with all Series 60 phones

New in v2.3.1:

  • International filenames now supported ('UTF-8' encoding)

  • Additional translations available





Download Size :

Installation Space Required : 438K
Installation File :

Please make sure any previous version of ZipMan is removed before installing ZipMan v2.3.


ZipMan Extensions


The following extension packs allows extra types of archive files to be added to ZipMan.

Once installed, an extention pack allows the archives to be browsed from within the ZipMan Archive Browser, or directly from the Messaging Inbox. Please note that the phone will need to be restarted before new archive types will be recognized from the Inbox.

Extension Packs are for use with ZipMan v2.0 or higher only.


File Types


Installation File

ZipMan RAR Extension
  • RAR

Based on UnRar (C) Eugene Roshal. Please see installation license for full details.

Compatible with files made with RAR v.3.20 or below.

ZipMan TAR / GZIP Extension
  • TAR
  • GZ / GZIP



For Developers: Read the ZipMan Plugin Documentation for information on adding extensions to ZipMan




Purchase ZipMan - Nokia Series 60 Edition


Price : €9.99


PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to purchase the version of ZipMan (v.2.0) included with the Nokia 6600, please purchase from Nokia SoftwareMarket. The registration code will only be recognised if purchased via Nokia SoftwareMarket.



Many thanks to the following for providing translations:

Italian FaQuick
French Alessandro Massimo
German Alessandro Massimo
Portuguese Manuel Azevedo
Slovene Thomas Bergant
Turkish A.Mert Önengüt
Norwegian Espen Samuelsen
Finnish Manu Huovinen
Greek Vagelhs Nikolaou
Dutch Jeremy Tjon, Bas Evers
Swedish Marcus Stade
Polish Piotr Kubicki
Czech David Hop
Russian Andrei Zharnasek, Titov Anton
Maltese Mark Borg
Chinese (Simplified) 'Vine'
Romanian Daniel Pascal
Hebrew Marian Goldshtein


We offer free registration codes for translations not already available. Please see our WildPalm Localizer page for full information.