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v1.0 September 2008


iSearch allows you to easily search your favorite websites with a single click. With iSearch, you can find the answer in half the time!

iSearch allows you to pick from your list of sites, enter your search and be taken immediately to the results.

iSearch comes with bookmarks from many popular sites, and allows you to add searches from thousands of sites which support searching.

Compare browsing with iSearch:

  • 1. Click on the search bookmark e.g. 'Amazon US'
  • 2. Enter search text e.g. 'Harry Potter'
  • 3. Click 'Search' and see results

Without iSearch:

  • 1. Open bookmarks or click on address bar
  • 2. Click on bookmark or type web address
  • 3. Wait for main page to download
  • 4. Find search box and click to open
  • 5. Enter search text
  • 6. Click 'Search' and see results

Price: $1.99 / €1.59 / 1.19

Compatible with:

iPhone v2.0 or higher
iPod Touch